A lovely low-res game. Fun and challenging, spout is a game for real scorers! Don't miss this decades old jewel.

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Spout is a small game (only around 160x240 pixels!) I made in my spare time. It's very much inspired by the original version of spout that was made a few years ago. Everything has been rewritten from scratch and it's not exactly the same game... I tried as much as possible to keep the same feeling as the original but with a modern twist. I really hope you'll find this game enjoyable!

How to play

Controls are quite simple: just use the virtual joystick to move around the screen. You're little character is emitting particles that can destroy obstacles. Try to get as high as possible!


Game: Arthur Guibert

Music: Joseph Del Rocco

A special thanks to: cocos2d-x people for the nice library, kind people that helped me testing the game, my friends and my family.



You can contact me on Twitter or directly by email at this address birslip@gmail.com